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At I-BUSINESS NETWORK, our goal is to make powerful business technology simple. We constantly seek to help our customers manage their business better and with less effort.   Providing Cloud ERP since 1999, our hosting facilities were designed specifically for our business management platforms and are built to be as good or better than on-premise deployment.

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Making Powerful Business Technology Simple


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What Our Clients Say

“Access in our first cloud was horribly slow, file transfers from SAP B1 to our local machine took forever, actually everything was painfully slow.  When we moved our system to I-BN’s cloud, the speed of transactions was like night and day. Everything was instantaneous.  Yes, it’s a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for!  Compared to the other cloud, I-BN’s Cloud value far exceeds the cost.”

- Basit Mandhai, Unitex Marketing Director

Had I not found you guys, I probably wouldn't still be at the company. Every day was an absolute challenge with the other hosting company. Not only did you get the job done, you got it done at a price that made us very happy! "

- Erik Szpyra, Director of IT, Auto 7

The conversion from our local MAS 200 to the hosted took place on Saturday morning and was as smooth as silk. "

- Jim Hastings, Chief Financial Officer, Chick Packaging

I'm very pleased with the exceptional service we receive from I-BN. SAP Business One has been a steady, reliable software and I-Business Network's hosting services have exceeded our expectations."

- Anthony Manning, Controller, FPT, Anthony Manning, Controller, FPT