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Choosing to move to the cloud is not all about the money!

Apr 29, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Bob Tobey


Although there might be savings moving to the cloud, the reason to move to the cloud is about a company’s core business strategy. More importantly, your company’s core business is the reason to move to the cloud. 

  • How does owning a lot of computer infrastructure help you compete in today’s fast paced market place?
  • Does money spent on infrastructure help your core mission or can that money be used more effectively?
  • Does having an IT staff help your sales and marketing effort?
  • Does having a lot of infrastructure help you grow?
  • Does having infrastructure that is adequate today help you grow for tomorrow?
  • Is the infrastructure you own today truly adequate for you to accomplish your mission?

From the days of the first mainframes that filled a football field to this fast paced server based internet age, it’s always been about getting information to the right people when they need it. The cloud solves this problems for your business.

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Aspirations – The Beginning of Success

Apr 16, 2019 10:56:51 AM / by Bob Tobey posted in sales, Cloud, tools for success, leadership, Sales Presentation Tips, negotiating



In business, your ASPIRATIONS are a key factor in your success or failure. Let’s say for an example that you just finished a very successful implementation or you closed a large sale. Everything went did all the right things, the client loved you, you finished on time and on budget, your product produced an immediate ROI and it was a pleasure working with the client. This recent success will impact how you approach your next implementation or sale. The positive outcome will affect your ASPIRATIONS and carry over to your next engagement.

Yet, we don’t succeed every time do we? Let’s say you just had a horrible implementation or a horrible support session with a client. If you let it, this negative outcome will affect how you go into your next support call or engagement. Or let’s say you lost a big sale because a competitor dropped their price. This negative outcome can have an affect your next sale and you’re more likely to go in offering a discount based on your past experience. Or worse, you go on your next sales call believing there’s no way this prospect will buy what you’re selling. More often than we’d like to believe, we let our negative ASPIRATIONS control our outcomes.

Especially after a negative outcome, take a moment and assess where your ASPIRATIONS are and ask yourself if you’re justified in your thinking. Heck, maybe you know that you’re going up against “that competitor” that always drops their price or you’re making a call on a client that’s just never happy with anything. Maybe your negative ASPIRATIONS are justified but at least, do the assessment. I think that if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find that your negativity is not justified and that it’s based on the past not the future.

Only you control your ASPIRATIONS. If you believe that a current client is so tough and unreasonable and no matter what you do you can’t satisfy them, you probably can’t. If you believe that a customer won’t buy at your current price, they probably won’t. If you believe that a competitor has more flexibility than you, they probably do. If you believe that your competitor’s product is better, it probably is. So before you’re next engagement, whatever it is, check your ASPIRATION level. Sometimes it’s good to ignore that little voice on your shoulder.

One thing is for sure, if you don’t believe your product can compete, if you don’t believe you can work with a client, if you don‘t believe you can reach a positive result, you won’t even try.

About the author: Bob Tobey spent over 20 years teaching managers, customer support and sales people how to be better at their craft. These blogs are intended to help the I-BN partner community improve their business.

I-Business Network has been managing cloud infrastructure since 1999, long before the cloud was even called the cloud. We specialize in hosting SAP Business One, Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud, Sage 500cloud, Sage CRM, Sage HRMS, Sage FAS and Sage BusinessWorks in two SSAE 16 data centers. For more information about hosting your Sage ERP in the cloud, contact Bob Tobey at


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Negotiating Concession Strategy - Changing the Shape of the Deal

Apr 15, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Bob Tobey


The negotiation over the US budget and border security is over for now. This negotiation will be a case study for years to come. A lot of negotiating factors went into this deal. First there was a DEADLOCK, then time became an issue and added power and pressure to both parties. Outside parties got involved, these were the 1000s of government employees not getting a paycheck. PLAYER SUBSTITUTION came into play when a bipartisan congressional group was formed with 9 Democrats and 8 Republicans. At this point in the negotiation, both parties had pretty much established what they wanted so the next move was to develop a NEGOTIATING CONCESSION STRATEGY.

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Negotiating Tactics: Player Substitution

Apr 8, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Bob Tobey posted in Tips and Tricks, Sales Presentation Tips


As the negotiation over the US budget and border security drones on, I thought it was interesting that the two political parties formed a committee of 9 Democrats and 8 republicans to come up with a compromise. Is this a true form of PLAYER SUBSTITUTION? Not really because in this example Speaker Pelosi would still need to bring it before the congress and if she doesn’t like the bill she won’t and President Trump still needs to sign the bill into law and if he doesn’t like it he won’t sign.

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Negotiating Deadlocks

Apr 1, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Bob Tobey posted in operations, sales, 90 minds, Tips and Tricks, Sales Presentation Tips



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Presentation Skills: Introducing Team Members

Mar 16, 2019 4:49:02 PM / by Bob Tobey posted in sales, Tips and Tricks, Sales Presentation Tips


During my over 20 years of sales presentation training, there was a question that always came up and that’s how to introduce and integrate team members into a presentation.  There was an excellent example a few weeks ago of what NOT to do and I just want to say that this post in not meant to be political.  I’m only using the Democratic rebuttal to President Trump’s oval office speech as a training example because it’s timely and most everyone watched it or heard about it.   

Think about the presentations you’ve been in as an audience member.  The key facilitator introduces him or herself and then they either introduce their team members or allow the team members to introduce themselves.   Sounds simple enough but are you missing an opportunity to enhance the reputation of your team?

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I-Business Network continues its commitment to the Sage and SAP Business One community by attending the annual Meeting of the Minds National Conference in San Diego, CA March 1-3

Mar 15, 2018 3:12:09 PM / by Bob Tobey posted in 90 minds, Sage



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