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Gary Feldman
A pioneer in the Cloud Services market, formed I-Business Network in 1999 as an outsourced application hosting service focusing on mid market ERP systems.
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You Can Leverage the Cloud Too!

Published on Aug 27, 2019 8:39:51 PM

The cloud is more than a big ball of water vapor in the sky.  It is big business and big for business.  The reality is that everyone is in the cloud.  The services you use could be housed at Amazon, Azure or in a private cloud and you may not even know it!   Large enterprise has moved to the cloud for agility, innovation and speed.  Smaller business has historically had the advantage of nimbleness and inventiveness and cloud may be for you too! 

How do you leverage the cloud if you are not a large company with a big IT staff?  There are so many misconceptions about the cloud.

  • Is it easier than on premise? Possibly
  • Is it less expensive than in-house?  It depends upon how you measure cost.
  • Can it improve your efficiency?  If you leverage it properly!

A recent Diginomica article discusses 5 ways to leverage ERP in the cloud without throwing away millions.  Of course small business can't throw away millions, but the article has good advice!

  1. Use Software as A Service (SaaS) where it makes sense.   The reasons may be different, but the idea of SaaS is to keep up with features, functions, and technology without the complexity of keeping up!
  2. Lift and Shift Trusted Applications  Most of our applications are available on premise or cloud.  In our private clouds we can integrate your special sauce with our special sauce to make extra special competitive advantages.
  3. Take Advantage of World Class Architecture.  I-BN uses the same equipment used by large enterprises with layers of security that most small businesses have yet to think of!
  4. Access Leading Edge Cloud Resources.  We utilize leading tools for cloud accessibility, environment management and leverage them across a large customer base. 
  5. Earn Your Cloud Cred.  You likely have cloud based payroll or CRM, backup as a service or cloud anti-virus.  Now may be the time to spread your wings and move into cloud ERP.

You don't have to move everything to the cloud, but with I-BN Cloud 3.0 you have flexibility.  You can have a single application like Sage100cloud or SAP Business One in the cloud, or have a whole hosted desktop.  For more information on how we can make your business more efficient contact one of our solution experts at 678-627-0646 x230 or




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User Interface Changes and User Impact

Published on Jul 15, 2019 8:11:33 AM

The way we interact with our computers and the software they run has been evolving since the rise of the internet and mobile computing.  As the technology has evolved we have seen web pages being built to act more like computers and computers being designed to work with the touch of your hand and the sound of your voice.  This evolution is leading to higher productivity and efficiency when implemented properly by the publisher and the end user organization.

  • Microsoft - As discussed in our previous blogpost, Microsoft has been moving online with its Office 365 and Dynamics 365.  Many of these changes have been evolutionary and productive such as the ongoing enhancement of SharePoint and Flow for extending ERP to the web.   However, some of the changes are more revolutionary like their recent April 2019 and upcoming October 2019 release wave of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  In this next release Business Central will support only the modern client and will only allow for development of customizations and solutions in AL through VS Code.   This means any customizations done by partners will need to be re-written and could cause some severe disruption to customers.
  • Sage - Sage is leveraging the positive aspects of the Office 365 enhancements building its "connected cloud" strategy into the Outlook client.  For example, Sage Contacts makes a variety of information about customers available as a sidebar for sales and customer service representatives without being in the Sage 100cloud system.  As the majority of Sage applications are built to work on-premise or in the cloud, their strategy is to move at a slower pace and more conservative in nature.   Sage Intacct is the only "true cloud" solution in its portfolio and Sage is developing more modules to expand this financial oriented product to appeal to a broader range of industries.
  • SAP - The SAP appears to be taking both approaches.  The SAP HANA Cloud is building interfaces similar to Microsoft Flow, the new version of SAP Business One being released in October will support the current Fiori user interface as well as a new web client for a sub-set of the core functionality.   Even more impressive are the "intelligent enterprise" advancements demonstrated at the recent SMB Innovation Summit.  Innovation such as the integration of Honeywell warehouse management system directs staff to specific locations to pick an order on their headset where they simply confirm information with their voice.

At I-Business Network, our goal is to Powerful  Business Technology Made Simple.  We do that by cloud enabling your business in a data center designed specifically for the ERP systems we host.   Whether the technology is "true cloud" or more traditional, we make the user interface easy to use for you via browser, cloud application, or hosted desktop.  Because we are experts in both the cloud and the business management software we host, we minimize business disruption caused by changes in technology.

For more information on how we can make your business more efficient contact one of our solution experts at 678-627-0646 x230 or


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Grow Your Business With SAP Business One

Published on Apr 23, 2019 10:09:50 AM

When people think of SAP they typically think huge software for huge companies with huge budgets, and they would not be wrong!  However, SAP has grown and evolved into one of the leading cloud software companies and has developed products specifically designed for smaller businesses.  SAP Business One encompasses all of the learning from the Fortune 500, where SAP dominates, and rhas made it less complex and costly for Small to Mid-Sized companies.

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The Value of Time

Published on Apr 8, 2019 11:14:51 PM

In the consulting industry there has been hot debate over time and materials versus value based billing.  Keeping track of time adds no value to the customer, and billing by the hour often creates an adversarial relationship.  So is there an intrinsic value to time?

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Software Publishers Raising Prices

Published on Apr 3, 2019 1:56:54 PM

Major business management software developers Sage, SAP and Microsoft have all raised prices in recent months with more price increases going into effect in April and May.  The motivations for the price increases, other than an attempt to increase profitability, may vary, but the effect on the customer is the always the same.

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Technology Trends in the SMB Market for 2019

Published on Feb 15, 2019 3:36:31 PM

In my role as leader of a Cloud ERP provider, I have the luxury and pleasure of research and learning fromm industry analysts such as Gartner, SMB Group and IDC along with leading publishers like Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Citrix. I listen to these companies and temper them with the experience of hundreds of customers to form opinions on products and services that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients.

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Running Your SAP-Based Business On the Cloud

Published on Feb 4, 2019 10:41:17 AM

I have never disagreed with a mainstream media more than I do with the CEOworld Magazine Article by Tyler Constable. Whereas the article’s author claims that running SAP on the cloud “May be More Complex Than You Think,” he is actually making the argument of why you should run your SAP-Based Business on the Cloud!

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SAP Business One Tips and Tricks - Reconciling Aging Reports to the General Ledger

Published on Dec 27, 2018 3:02:00 PM

SAP Business One allows users to easily provide a schedule from Aging Reports that supports the GL account balance(s) on the Balance Sheet as of any date.

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Sage Summit Returns in 2019

Published on Dec 18, 2018 11:45:31 AM

After a 1-year break where Sage focused on small regional events, Sage Summit is back! In 2019 Sage plans to hold 2 events; Sage Summit West will take place in San Diego from Feb. 13-15 and Sage Summit East will take place in Atlanta from May 13-15. With the goal of two events being the reduction of travel time and costs, the two Summits will likely be duplicates so most customers and partners will need only attend the one most convenient for them.

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Biz.One 2018 Recap

Published on Nov 7, 2018 4:00:40 PM

The annual SAP User Group meeting was held in Orlando on October 22-24. The conference was filled with great content, networking and learning. This was the second year the user conference was run by Eventful Conferences, a professional event planning group owned by ASUG, and the results showed.

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