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Bigger Does Not Equal Better!

Posted by Bob Tobey on May 21, 2019 8:40:00 AM


After 20 years of hosting leading ERP packages including Sage 100 and SAP Business One, I-BN has watched AWS and Azure enter the cloud market place over the past few years.  And I would say this even if I wasn’t an I-BN employee…bigger doesn’t mean better, all it means is bigger.


Is there value in your cloud provider knowing your software?  We host Sage and SAP Business One, that’s all we do.  AWS and Azure rent servers to anybody and everybody. 

  • Example: a client calls with a problem with EDI Transaction Manager, and we’re able to point them in the right direction for resolution.  I doubt you get that kind of knowledge at AWS or Azure. 
  • Example:  a partner writes a Crystal Report and it runs slow as molasses.  One of our guys looked at it and figured out the report was checking over 800,000 lines of data every time it ran.  I know you won’t get that at AWS or Azure. 

Is there value in knowing how an ERP runs in the cloud?  I-BN recommends that we install Sage 100 and SAP Business One in our cloud because a cloud is not the same as on-premise.  Clouds have added security, firewalls, tools not normally used on-premise, clients use the software differently, they have different extensions (add-ons) and the list goes on. 

  • Example:  the SBO mailer in Business One periodically hangs but doesn’t stop or create an error message that can be caught by a monitoring system.   We install a script to automatically restart it during slow use times of the day to avoid it hanging up. 
  • Example:  PDF writers want to update everybody every time you use it which slows performance.  We install a group policy that avoids this constant updating and only require it to update the terminal server. 

We’re a Citrix partner and most of the problems associated with hosting have been solved especially since we’ve employed the new Citrix Netscaler or Application Device Controller.  The Citrix ADC is the leading web accelerator, saving information served up to speed your cloud experience.  ADC also improves our security as it serves as another barrier into our environment and solves a lot of administration woes.  Plus it has better support for Chrome Books and Macs.

Call me jaded but I think the business case for offering and using a hosting firm that knows the software you’ve invested your company’s livelihood in is stronger now than ever before.  All the big do is get bigger.  Smaller entrepreneurial hosting firms have to get better or they go away.  Heck, most of our customers are small to mid-sized businesses much like ours, competing on service against behemoths like Amazon and WalMart!

I-Business Network has been managing cloud infrastructure since 1999, long before the cloud was even called the cloud. We specialize in hosting SAP Business One, Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud, Sage 500cloud, Sage CRM, Sage HRMS, Sage FAS and Sage BusinessWorks in two SSAE 16 data centers. For more information about hosting your ERP in the cloud, contact Bob Tobey at btobey@i-bn.net or 678-627-0646 ext 231.



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