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Biz.One Doesn't Disappoint

Posted by Gary Feldman on Oct 29, 2019 6:41:29 PM
Gary Feldman
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Biz-One-Conference_white-confBiz.One is the annual and largest gathering of SAP Business One customers and partners in North America. This year's event was held in Indianapolis and was full of informative sessions, networking and social events. The best part of the event for I-BN is often networking with SAP executives and getting exclusive insights into the future of SAP Business One.

The SAP B1 roadmap is always full of expectation but sessions like Customer Influence with Ari Schapira, Chief Product Owner for SAP Business One are invaluable. During this session Ari received recommendations for improvements and new features and gave frank and honest feedback on what SAP could do and what they will not do. For example, drill down to detail transactions from Financial Reports SAP Crystal Reports is already developed and scheduled for release in a patch to the Version 10 which is just becoming available for early adopters.


Ari also was quote frank about SAP not developing enhancements in credit card processing or a feature requested for problem specific to a niche industry. Those types of solutions are offered through the robust Solution Provider network which was in evidence at the event. One potential enhancement was identified as "solved," but not yet commercially feasible. Knowing that the cost of technology will come down, just as the initial price of HANA in memory computing came down, Ari provided frank and honest assessments to set reasonable expectations.

The Version 10 preview session showed the new Web Interface which will likely become the standard as more features are added to this browser based deployment.  The focus of the release appears to be new technology for both SQL and HANA versions along with a ton of little usability improvements.


Many of the platform changes are designed to support cloud deployment, web services and other digital transformation initiatives.  These 21st century technology concepts were supported by customer sessions and keynotes which showcased e-commerce and marketing integrations, global intercompany integrations and other high tech solutions.

To learn more about SAP Business One, how to get more out of your SAP system  or SAP Business One Cloud powered by I-BN, contact us at 678-627-0646 x230 or e-mail us at sales@i-bn.net.

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