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Building your agenda for Biz.One 2018

Posted by Gary Feldman on Oct 10, 2018 11:05:40 AM
Gary Feldman
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As the annual SAP Business One user’s conference approaches in just two weeks it is time to start planning your agenda. This year the Biz.One conference includes new ½ day workshops on Wednesday which are sure to provide more in-depth learning than ever before. There is also a demo theatre where you can get group presentations of the latest third party solutions. This makes Biz.One a greater value to companies looking to maximize the value of their ERP investment.


Ecosystem ignites


Starting at the end, the Wednesday workshops are all intriguing.

  • For a functional user, the 9.3 hands on workshop by Richard Duffy is likely the easiest to consume if you can drink from a fire hose.
  • For the integrators, Eddy and Duncan are at the top of the skill chart for the Business One Integration framework. This will be for people who want to learn about this programmers tool
  • The other two workshops are focused on reporting. Hands on Crystal reporting for those with experience with the tool and an SAP led presentation on the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Every year I provide a list of not to miss sessions that run in five tracks. These selections are not intended to slight the other great speakers and presenters in any way shape or form. There is just so much content you must make choices or bring an associate to divide and conquer! I have received critical feedback that I do not include enough customer testimonial sessions. Don’t get me wrong on this as I love some of the customer testimonials and have even brought several customers of I-BN to the conference as speakers. I find these sessions are best when your company is trying to overcome a challenge faced by the speaker or are in a related industry. The following choices are geared more towards the generic functionality or broader appeal where there is a known combination of great content and speaker.

Day 1 – October 22

  • 11:15
    • Don’t Miss - Unfortunately for all the other speakers, there is a session by Idit Saguey. Any session by Idit is a not to be missed session and with all the recent enhancements this is the not to miss session.
    • Divide & Conquer - If you are in manufacturing Masterin Production with Cesar Aviles, one of the best in the Business One community, would be the choice with all the new manufacturing features.
  • 12:05
    • Don’t Miss - If you have any need for mobility Moty Moshin and the SAP Business One offerings for Sales and Service is not to be missed.
    • Divide and Conquer - If you manage a warehouse, the new kid on the SAP B1 block is Wisys. Coming from the Macola ERP system and with tons of experience in distribution and manufacturing, this is a very interesting package that is now entrenched in B1 with several years of experience.
  • 3:40
    • Don’t Miss – Richard Duffy is always a top speaker and his timely discussion on Security Best Practices is important to every business.

Day 2 – October 23

  • 11:45
    • Don’t Miss – The SAP Feedback Forum is an often-overlooked session where you get to talk to the key players globally for Business One development. You not only get to give your input directly to the people who make decisions, but sometimes get a glimpse into the future!
  • 12:35
    • Don’t Miss – Although I may be biased, the cloud continues to grow in popularity. Michael Cardi is great at explaining why and helping you determine if there is a value for your company.


  • 2:35
    • Don’t Miss – I have known Cristina Ramirez with Gaumard Scientific for years, and not only was she a great client project manager, but she is a down to earth speaker. SAP reports are often underutilized and Cristina can help you get more out of your system.
    • Divide and Conquer – If you missed the first SAP Feedback Forum to attend a different session, don’t miss this one!


  • 3:25
    • Don’t Miss – I am going out on a limb with this one, as I don’t know the speaker James Shotts, but love the topic of Using Activities and Automated Reporting. Activities have always been a great tool, and with the advent of the Project Module we have seen expanded use beyond Sales Opportunities and Service calls.
    • Divide and Conquer – Calling all geeks to the Developer Roundtable. Those light on technology skills need not apply!

The Keynotes are often inspiring and entertaining. There is a broad mix of speakers from SAP, customers, and industry experts. Nothing runs up against them, so no choices to make! One speaker of unique interest to me is Randy Bradley, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, University of Tennessee. I had the opportunity to speak with him at last year’s conference and found him not only interesting and delightful conversation, but also able to take theory and explain it in a down to earth fashion. You would probably love your kids to have a professor like him!

I look forward to seeing you at the conference. Stop by our booth and talk with me John or Bob.



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