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Cloud 2.1 – B1 Cloud Powered by HANA in the I-BN Cloud

Posted by I-BN on Feb 5, 2017 2:49:41 PM

I-BN has been providing innovation without risk since its inception in 1999. It's latest innovation is B1 Cloud Powered by HANA for Industrial Equipment suppliers. I-BN has distilled its 16 years of experience providing cloud business management solutions in our SAP HANA Start & Grow implementation methodology.

HANA Cloud

If you look at this commissioned study for Acumatica by Forrester research, you see desired features and functions for a Cloud ERP in early 2013. I-BN’s offering has ALL of these features plus the service components and additional features offered by a partnership with I-BN.

The B1 Cloud powered by HANA has:

  • Built in multidimensional reporting tools, dashboards, KPIs and graphical analysis tools called “extreme apps” for advanced functionality such as distribution analysis planning
  • Real time workflow and approval procedures native to the database to stop unauthorized transactions before they occur
  • A native HTML5 client plus a traditional fat client for additional administrative functions
  • A mobile application for remote users that comes with their standard subscription service
  • One of the strongest eco-systems in the industry with truly global partners for enhancements and services
  • Native role based security, customizable user based security and even row level security available to secure data within a function at a granular level
  • Standard integrations available with leading e-Commerce packages
  • Built in document attachment functionality and customizable process automation for advanced functionality
  • Robust personalization tools, an open API for integration and process automation as well as a full SDK for customization in private instances

But even better than all the functionality in the core B1 package are the features and functions available through the I-BN Cloud.

  • Industry specific rapid deployment options available in multiple localizations
  • Complete multi-lingual and multi-currency functionality
  • Standard integrations with industry leading Cloud applications like Avalara, Concur and ARIBA
  • Fully customized private instances available for complete application and infrastructure outsourcing including desktops as a service
  • Scalability to handle 1-300 users on demand

The I-BN Cloud is supported by certified application specialists from a provider certified in SAP hosting services in multiple world class data centers. With more than 16 years in the cloud, 12 years of B1 application experience, and consultants with more than 30 years of ERP knowledge -  you are in great hands with I-BN.

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