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Cloud 2.1 – Customer Service in the Cloud

Posted by I-BN on Feb 5, 2017 5:57:45 PM

Customer service is another one of the key factors in the decision making process regarding Cloud selection. Everyone talks about their excellence, but what are the key attributes of service in a cloud environment.

Customer Service

In the 451 Research report it was not surprising to find technical knowledge as being the most selected attribute. It was also the attribute with the highest satisfaction achievement rate in the cloud. Again, not surprising as many companies choose to migrate to the cloud because information technology is not their core competency. But what is the technical knowledge required to provide superior customer service?

At I-BN we have chosen to become technically competent in not only the cloud technology, but also in the applications we host. This provides our customers a truly knowledgeable team that can resolve problems quickly without finger pointing between consultants and technicians.

We have taken it even one step further. By creating solutions that focus on distribution and the related light distribution (primarily kitting and assembly) and service attributes associated with our targeted industries, we have created a team that really knows our customer’s business and can work together with them to solve problems. Our experts can solve problems beyond technical issues, but get at the heart of the operations that drive efficiency in the new Cloud 2.1

As a cloud service provider that focuses on selected industries and business management solutions, we reduce the risk of innovation to deliver on the promise of Cloud 2.0.

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