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Cloud 3.0 - Desktops as a Service

Posted by Bob Tobey on Jun 14, 2020 3:29:39 PM

Cloud computer screenIt always amazes me how the IT world is constantly changing.  A change that is rapidly happening is the move to a digital workplace or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and away from physical desktops and laptops.  Digital workspaces address the needs of your company. its Information Technology (IT), and your end users.

DaaS benefits for your company:

In today's yo-yo economy customers and employees may come and go.  DaaS provides your company with the ultimate in flexibility.  Outsourcing to virtual computers allows for easy expansion and contraction.  Your company rents exactly what it needs when it needs it.  Companies can also move from high, costly CapEx funding to low, steady monthly OpEx payments and on boarding new employees is easy.

With your desktops in the cloud, your business is anywhere and everywhere.  Reduce your physical costs of not only the equipment, but can save physical space and related costs, enable job sharing and provide flexibility to adapt to changing conditions or growth. 

DaaS benefits for IT:

Managing a lot of workstations is nobody’s idea of a good time except for the guy who thinks it gives him job security.  Employees are always coming and going.  Laptops and desktops must be re-engineered, updated, backed up and supported.  If there are a lot of remote workers, keeping track of physical desktops and laptops is difficult at best plus it’s time consuming and expensive.  That being said, for most companies, device management isn’t a huge concern.  The biggest concern is the security risk of having data stored locally…41% OF ALL DATA BREACHES ARE FROM LAPTOPS THAT ARE STOLEN OR LOST (Forbes).  DaaS addresses the challenges listed above by moving all application processing to the cloud.

  • User applications are accessed in the cloud and don’t need to be installed on each computer
  • Company data is safely kept in a secure, state-of-the-art data center and not on the local device
  • If a device fails the user can simply switch to another device and pick up where they left off.

DaaS benefits for the end user:device assortment 3

With the unemployment rate moving , stay at home orders, and a new generation of workers; employers are having to be more flexible with how and where employees work.  An employee may drop their child off at daycare and work from the office in the morning and need to pick their child up in the afternoon and finish working from home.  Employers must also provide different tools for different employee jobs.  A customer service rep might start on a desktop in the morning and shift to a laptop to a tablet and to a phone throughout the day while an engineer might only need a more powerful desktop.  A hosted desktop provides a consistent experience regardless of device.

DaaS addresses these challenges.

  • Data is available around the clock from anywhere on any device
  • Applications and services run in a secure, state-of-the-art data center and output is transmitted quickly and securely
  • Eliminates the need to own and manage infrastructure
  • Data is backed up and kept in a data center and not on the local device
  • Total Cost of Operations (TCO) is typically lower

I-Business Network has been managing cloud infrastructure since 1999, long before the cloud was even called the cloud.  We specialize in hosting SAP Business One, Sage 100cloud, Sage 300cloud, Sage 500cloud, Sage CRM, Sage HRMS, Sage FAS and Sage BusinessWorks in multiple certified data centers. For more information about hosting your business in the cloud, contact Bob Tobey at btobey@i-bn.net.

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