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How to Resolve Hung Sessions with Citrix Connection Center

Posted by Katrina Styles on Mar 23, 2018 3:36:14 PM



The Citrix Receiver is the component of a Citrix Cloud that gives users access to their cloud applications from their local desktops. The Citrix Receiver is installed on the user’s local desktop making the cloud applications appear native to the user’s local environment.


A component of the Citrix Receiver is the Connection Center which displays all connections established from the Citrix Receiver. The Connection Center offers various options to view statistics and control sessions and applications. One of the useful options that the Connection Center offers is the ability to log off sessions. This tool is very useful in cases where a user loses connectivity to their cloud applications, creating a disconnected session.


A users may get disconnected from their applications if they lose internet connectivity or after a period of inactivity. If a user gets disconnected from a Citrix Session, they may be unable to launch certain applications because they already have the session running in a disconnected state. They may receive the error that they are unable to launch the application because they already have a session running even though they don't see it on their screen. We define this as a hung session that needs to be reconnected or forcefully logged off. The Citrix Connection Center application can assist users with resolving hung sessions.


How to access Connection Center

Option 1 – Navigate to executable file

  • Navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client\ folder and click on the concentr.exe file from your local C:\ drive.





Option 2 – Open from Receiver Icon


  • In the system tray, right-click on the Citrix Receiver icon and choose the ‘Connection Center’ option.






Resolving Connectivity Issues using Connection Center

When users encounter ‘hung sessions’, there are 2 ways to resolve this issue:

  1. Reconnecting the disconnected Session OR
  2. Log off the disconnected Session

Reconnecting the disconnected session

If you have sessions running, on a server, simply open up the Citrix Receiver and click on the error next to the user’s name and click on the ‘Refresh Apps’ option.






Log off the disconnected session

Your sessions can be logged off from the user’s local computer by accessing the Citrix Connection Center application. There are various ways to access the Citrix Connection Center application.







Once the Connection Center application is launched, you may select the folder listed under the 'Active' tree header in the 'ICA Connections' section that contains your Active session.






Please note the following:

  • The CSPXA76SAP45 branch indicates the server that the user is logged into.
  • Under the branch, displays the active applications that are running on that server from the user’s workstation

To log off the Disconnected session, simply highlight the server name (in this example, CSPXA76SAP45) and click the 'Log Off' button to the right to log off all existing sessions that may be frozen or hung in the Citrix environment.


The Connection Center is a wonderful tool that allows you to resume productivity immediately! As always, our mission is to provide excellent service and support. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Contact us at support@i-bn.net 

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