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Office2Home Offer Extended

Posted by I-BN on Apr 20, 2020 9:03:19 PM

Unique challenges require creative solutions.  .

frustrated female computer user 2Office2Home is a business continuity offering for companies who need short term package for remote access to their on-premise business management systems in the cloud due to the current global pandemic.  The objective of Office2Home is to provide small businesses who have worked exclusively on-premise access to their software during the crisis.

Originally available for April through June 30, any customer who signs up over the next 20 days will extend through July 31.   The single price for setup migration and cloud services is tiered based upon number of users and software type.

  • Sage Office2Home was designed for Sage 100cloud (formerly known as MAS 90) or BusinessWorks Gold which do not rely upon SQL databases.  I-BN can support any version of Sage 100 from 4.x through 2019 in our Cloud 2.0 environment! This includes all standard master developer enhancements, third party products and related software such as FAS, or ABRA.  Sage 100cloud Premium edition, Sage 300, Sage 500 or other SQL server database products can also be migrated to our cloud on a temporary basis but carry a different cost structure.
  • SAP Office2Home includes options for SAP Business One powered by SQL or SAP Business One powered by HANA in both multi-tenant and dedicated clouds depending upon version and extensions.  I-BN can support any version of SAP Business One from 8.8 through 10.0 in one of our cloud platforms.
To make the process as quick and easy as possible, we are providing a tiered pricing for the complete service from contracting through July 31.  
These prices represent a 30-55% discount and allows for flexible user changes during the period. Some limitations apply.  Our server templates will allow us to get your system up and running within our Service Level Agreement of 72 hours and often faster when working with your business partner.
We are working remotely during this crisis, so for more information Contact Us visit Sage Office2Home or SAP Office2Home, e-mail us at sales@i-bn.net for a quote or at ibn@i-bn.net for general information.  Current offer available through May 17, 2020.

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