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Petya Ransomware

Posted by I-BN on Jun 28, 2017 3:33:41 PM

Ransomware is a type of "malware" that scrambles information on your computer unless you pay for the key to unlock the encryption. Petya is the name of the latest ransomware that is now reported in over 65 countries around the world.

Many "anti-virus" and malware protection programs have already issued patches or definitions to protect your computer against this attack (including the one used by I-BN).  If you have been infected you may be in even worse shape as the e-mail address for paying the $300 bitcoin ransom has been blocked.


Petya attacks a well known vulnerability in Microsoft Operating systems.  Information on how you need to patch your system can be found by clicking this link.  Although this link is clean and unaffected by malware many viruses are spread through clicking links from unknown or infected sources.  In this particular case, the ransomware is beleived to have been spread by an infected software update from a company in Ukraine that provides accounting software (MeDoc) that communicates with the governement for tax purposes.  Now it also appears to be spreading from word documents with infected macros.

You can protect your business management and accounting software by keeping your anti-virus and operating systems up to date or by moving to the I-BN cloud, where we take the burden off you and your team!

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