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Running Your SAP-Based Business On the Cloud

Posted by Gary Feldman on Feb 4, 2019 10:41:17 AM
Gary Feldman
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I have never disagreed with a mainstream media more than I do with the CEOworld Magazine Article by Tyler Constable. Whereas the article’s author claims that running SAP on the cloud “May be More Complex Than You Think,” he is actually making the argument of why you should run your SAP-Based Business on the Cloud!

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The claim that “Due to the nature of SAP, the cloud provider doesn’t have visibility as to what’s going on inside the application” is likely due to the assumption that the application is running on SAP S4 powered by HANA on a public cloud like AWS or Azure. The argument is also based upon a desire to scale up and scale down based upon the cloud utility model. The arguments are refutable in so many ways, but there was no place to comment, so hence this blog!

  • Not all systems by SAP run on S/4 for HANA and even if they do, SAP has been adding and increasing the functionality of tools in the HANA studio to know what is consuming memory, and why. As a cloud service provider we can monitor and make monitoring available to customers who want to know what is going on with their infrastructure.
  • In the SAP Business One space, we have a sizing tool for SAP Business One Powered by HANA which can provide a decent estimate of resources required. It is true that you don’t want to stop a productive ERP system to scale up or scale down resources, but with the tools available, we typically schedule a change of resources to coincide with an upgrade, and plan the migration to ensure no downtime. Any cloud service provider worth partnering with will ensure your ERP system has sufficient headroom for anticipated growth between upgrade cycles.
  • The argument that a customer’s hybrid cloud has storage at AWS for one department and Azure for another department are signs that the system sprawl is out of control and that the business is not truly an SAP-Based Business. One of the hallmarks of SAP’s success is providing an ERP that is truly for Enterprise Resource Planning. Not part of the enterprise, but the entire enterprise. Having SAP as the digital core providing a 360 degree view of the business is a huge part of the benefit of SAP!

Although the author states many of the advantages of using cloud services, arguments are presented from the perspective of Infrastructure as a Service being the cloud. There are many cloud service providers like I-BN who provide not just the infrastructure but the application knowledge to run SAP in the cloud more efficiently and effectively than an internal team. SAP Certified providers must keep current on the latest technology, best practices and often innovate new techniques for reliability and stability that most customers are unaware of.

Running SAP in the cloud is our business, and running your SAP-based systems on the I-BN SAP Cloud frees up your people to help you run your business! To find out how we can help, contract Bob Tobey at btobey@i-bn.net


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