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SAP Business One - Implementation Project

Posted by I-BN on Jul 3, 2017 2:09:25 PM

Implementing a new business management software can be overwhelming to an organization,  Most companies undertake this endeavor once in a decade and are not experts in the process.  As the software has become more comprehensive and now impacts most everyone in the company, extensive coordination is necessary to get it right.

Fortuneately SAP Business One has a built-in feature that simplifies and streamlines the management of implementations – and I-Business Network (I-BN) has incorporated this tool as part of their standard Start and Grow implementation priocess.

The Implementation Project Feature

It’s called the “Implementation Project” feature and can be accessed from within the administration module of SAP Business One; this is where you’ll find the work plan for a Start and Grow implementation.

The purpose of this tool is to:

  • Outline implementation activities in one convenient area inside the software.
  • Provide links to commonly used windows and documentation within SAP Business One.
  • Keep track of progress and dates for companywide scheduling/time tracking purposes.
  • Increase organization by allowing the attachment of relevant files to specific steps.

Implementation Project Feature Benefits

I-BN has created a template that shows just those features that you need view form implementation to allow for better focus on the tasks at hand. There are also notes and information associated with each step that provide additional directions for configuring the software.

The tool contains golden arrows that link you to each step that requires configuration; this user-friendly process offers not only convenience but also a sense of confidence for users.

SAPDisty implementation project.jpg

Another great aspect of the “Implementation Project” feature is the management and tracking component. This component allows users to mark steps as ‘complete’ and fill in start and finish dates as the implementation progresses. This offers a companywide view of progress and allows users to act in unison towards the goal of going live with the software.

Finally, project team members can add notes and attachments on individual steps/tasks, which provides in-system documentation of decisions for convenience and clarity. It also reduces the hassle of having links in different locations by placing them in one organized area.

How It Affects You

The Start process is a rapid deployment mothodology specifically designed to lower cost and speed your return on your implementaiton investment.

The implemntation project component of SAP Business One Start program:

  • Streamlines implementations with project tasks and activities in one place
  • Organizes the team and serves as a single repository of project data
  • Provides a roadmap and status mechanism for the entire team

With the I-BN start template, the time lost looking form information and searching for where to do the work is drastically reuced.  A clear improvement for your satisfaction with your business management software.

Please contact us at ibn@i-bn.net or 678-627-0646 or more information.

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