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SAP Business One Tips and Tricks - Reconciling Aging Reports to the General Ledger

Posted by Gary Feldman on Dec 27, 2018 3:02:00 PM
Gary Feldman
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SAP Business One allows users to easily provide a schedule from Aging Reports that supports the GL account balance(s) on the Balance Sheet as of any date.

To generate the supporting schedule, navigate to Business Partners > Business Partner Reports > Aging > and you will see two aging reports

· Customer Receivables Aging.

· Vendor Liabilities Aging

Select all business partners by leaving the BP Code From/To fields blank. Enter the same period end date as on the Balance Sheet. Click on the ellipsis button beside “Control Accounts” to select the appropriate Account to check – this is only necessary if your company uses multiple control accounts.


MOST important tick is “Display Customers/Vendors with Zero Balance”. This is important because if this box is not ticked B1 deducts any payment made after the aging date that a Business Partner makes from the balance, and the Aging would not match the Balance Sheet.

Run the aging, select “Collapse All” button to display one row per business partner. Compare the Balance Due total to the Balance Sheet.

The aging report provides a supporting schedule for the Balance Sheet.

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