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Posted by Gary Feldman on Jul 3, 2017 12:33:42 PM
Gary Feldman
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I often get the question 

"So what is it like working in the I-BN Cloud?"

The answer is remarkable simple.  Just like working on your local computer!


Cloud v Desktop.png

When you look at the start menu for my local laptop can you tell which programs are in the cloud and which are on my PC?

Although I-BN also supports virtual desktops, most of our customers and I use published applicaitons.  My cloud published applications also look and feel as though they are running on my laptop.  They appear in windows, can be moved to any of my three screens and work exactly the same as they used to before we moved to the cloud.  My local hard drive is even available through the cloud applications as "Local Disk (C: on GJF-DELLXPS)" for saving and uploading local files.

The real difference is that now everything I do on the cloud applications is safe and secured at the data center and backed up every night automatically.  My applications are also updated regularly as is the underlying computer power that they run on so they are always current and running at peak performance.

So the real question is "Why are you not working in the I-BN Cloud?"  

For more information cotact a cloud representative at 678-627-0646 x230.

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