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The Value of Time

Posted by Gary Feldman on Apr 8, 2019 11:14:51 PM
Gary Feldman
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In the consulting industry there has been hot debate over time and materials versus value based billing.  Keeping track of time adds no value to the customer, and billing by the hour often creates an adversarial relationship.  So is there an intrinsic value to time?

There are numerous reasons to say the answer is yes!  Time is a non-replenishable commodity and I think everyone reading this blog would say that their time is extremely valuable.  There are economic theories used to value activities without time.  A recent story on public radio asked people what they would need to be paid not to engage in free activities.  Studies have valued Facebook at $48-50 per month because that was the median value of how much people would take to not login to the social media site.  Surprisingly, and not so surprisingly, indoor plumbing and the toilet are the most valued commodity we don't directly pay for!

For I-Business Network, we look at our service as a valuable commodity.  We add value in obvious and not so obvious ways.

  • We provide technical infrastructure which has a definable cost on-premise or with another provider
  • We remove the hassle of managing the infrastructure
  • We eliminate the need for your staff to keep up with all the latest technology 
  • The consistency of service provides value compared to downtime
The most valuable service we provide is the ability for you to focus on your business and not worry about the technology piece.  As we roll out new Cloud 3.0 tools we are receiving compliments on:
  • The simplicity of FileCloud for local access to shared documents
  • The consistency of the experience with cloud desktops and roaming profiles
  • The new features and flexibility of Office 365 licensing on all devices.

To learn more about how I-BN can simplify your life contact Bob Tobey at btobey@i-bn.net or call 678.627.0646 x231. 

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