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Thoughts, Words and Actions for Movember

Posted by Gary Feldman on Nov 14, 2017 3:07:00 PM
Gary Feldman
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Today is Movember 14, the 14th day I have worn this mustache to bring awareness to men's cancer and the Movember Foundation. Many of you have heard people grow facial hair in November and some of you may think it is associated with your favorite sports team. It is actually a significant charitable organization with a rating of 85 on Charity Navigator.

In life and in business I see many people think or talk about doing the right thing, yet take no action.

•"It is the thought that counts" may have been true in the past, but is it really thoughful to write on an aquaintance's Facebook page when a digital assistant reminds you to do so?

•Words do matter! Words can motivate, demotivate, enrage, enthrall and delight. In a services economy words have value. Hopefully these words will energize you to take action.

•Action creates the greatest value. Actions create, actions inspire, actions accomplish!

For Movember, I grew a moustache my wife hates, talked about it with those who noticed the hideous thing, and took action by making a donation. Think about how you can pay it forward, let others know why you care, and then take action to make something you are passionate about happen!


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