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Thriving in the Post Digital Age

Posted by Gary Feldman on Sep 20, 2018 4:00:56 PM
Gary Feldman
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For decades we have been talking about the ever increasing pace of change in business. Long term plans have shortened from 10 years to 3 years. Back in the 60’s we got Moore’s Law predicting that the power of computing doubling every year and it has solidified into our whole economy.

Thriving in the Post Digital Age

We have transitioned through the industrial age and transitioned into the “Information Age” where information and computerization (aka services) eclipsed industrial production. Some theorists believe we are entering the “Experience Age” while others admit they have no clue what comes next. If you are a small or mid-sized business owner, your reality is one of reacting to the reality market and not dealing with theory or speculation.

As part of I-BN’s research in digital transformation and assisting our customers through the current transitions, we have learned lessons and identified trends that can help you Thrive in the Digital Age so you can be positioned for whatever comes next! This next blog series will cover topics such as:

  • Big Data – How to avoid Analysis Paralysis
  • Cyber Security – Risk and Survival
  • Surviving Limited Attention Span and Impulsive Flighty Customers
  • Misinformation Is a Dangerous Thing
  • The Customer is Still King – An Old Mantra that Rings True

Change is inevitable. Resistance is futile. Our goal is to provide meaningful insight to help you go beyond the decision to take action, but provide the motivation and insight to turn action into results!

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