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Biz.One, the SAP Business One Event Not to Miss!

Published on Sep 13, 2017 9:30:05 AM

Since its inception, I-BN has sponsored the ASUG Business One Summit as the premier event for SAP Business One customers. This year ASUG has re-invented the event as Biz.ONE and is expanding the content and opportunities to learn.

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SAP Business One 9.3 enters Ramp-Up Phase

Published on Aug 2, 2017 10:39:20 AM

SAP recently announced the upcoming release SAP Business One 9.3, which continues to build on a comprehensive business solution & platform for connected SMB’s.

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SAP Business One - Implementation Project

Published on Jul 3, 2017 2:09:25 PM

Implementing a new business management software can be overwhelming to an organization,  Most companies undertake this endeavor once in a decade and are not experts in the process.  As the software has become more comprehensive and now impacts most everyone in the company, extensive coordination is necessary to get it right.

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SAP Certified in Hosting Services

Published on Jun 30, 2017 9:16:24 AM

I-BN recently completed the recertification for hosting services by SAP. The audit is not just about our data center and its capabilties, but our ability to provide a stable, secure and reliable hosting services specifically for SAP Business One.  The audit covers many areas beyond the data center and equipment used:

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