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When it Comes to Digital Transformation, Security is Key

Posted by David Feldman on Jul 26, 2018 9:49:25 AM

Security breaches make headlines. We all remember when Apple’s cloud got hacked and a ton of personal data was leaked, or when Sony’s database was hacked and millions of consumers’ financial information was compromised. It gives these big companies big headaches. When it comes to digital transformation, cybersecurity and cloud security can make you stand out among your competitors. No one wants their data at risk, and you don’t want to “hope for the best” as Fortinet’s Patrick Grillo says.

This article contains an excellent six-minute interview with Grillo where he discusses the basics of digital transformation, the lessons learned from companies such as Netflix and GE who’ve been through it, and how the model can be applied to other industries, such as your own.


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