Bring Your Own Software to the Cloud

Some time ago, opposing articles by Forbes and Wired were published on the BYOS (Bring your own software) trend. The headline by Forbes was “The BYOS Trend, And Why it Will be Brief” while Wired’s article had the headline “BYOS is Here to Stay, And That’s a Good Thing”.

BYOS is not only going strong, but dominating day-to-day business operations are carried out. Cloud-Business is modern-business; its accessibility, affordability, and adaptability make it a mainstay for the foreseeable future. I-BN has led the BYOS movement since 1999, and we architected our Cloud Services around the idea of BYOS environments since the very beginning.


I-Business Network hosts a number of cloud business management applications, including Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, Yardi, and several SAGE products. We provide our customers with different options and scenarios and tailor private clouds to fit  your business’ specific needs. Additionally, our applications (such as 2SimpliconnectSM ) can be integrated into a BYOS environment with other cloud services your company may already be using.

I-BN is all about flexibility and adaptability. Contact us and see how our BYOS solutions can improve your business.


BYOS services speed up your day-to-day business processes and save you money by letting your employees use their own devices and can extend can extend the life of your existing devices. I-BN has extensive experience integrating applications and peripherals from on-premise into your cloud-based business management platform. Cloud Services can dramatically improve the way you handle any of these areas:

  • Desktop As a Service
  • Fixed Assets
  • Document Management
  • CRM
  • Human Resources
  • Finances and Inventory
  • Client-Specific Requirements