Data Center

The 376,000-square-foot Data Center is a fully redundant center with climate control, power backup, site security and more...

The Network Operations Center (NOC)

The Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors and manages the entire data center network. With the consistent monitoring of all equipment, bandwidth capacity and traffic flows, the NOC can proactively identify problem areas before they can become an issue.

Internet Connectivity

The data center Internet network is engineered to provide redundancy to our servers through dual Ethernet connections running over a fiber infrastructure to multiple, geographically diverse peering points. With ample connectivity that can scale to OC-n and burstable bandwidth, we can accommodate your every contingency.

Power Reliability

Concerned about backup power? The facility uses an environmentally-friendly power supply system that incorporates a steady stream of power from the local utility through two different entry points to the building. Backup power is provided through a constant power supply (CPS) flywheel system and diesel powered generators with an onsite fuel supply that can ensure emergency power for up to twelve days.

Environmental Controls HVAC Systems

Fire Suppression

Studies show that electronic devices last much longer and experience fewer component failures when kept at constant temperature and humidity levels. With the use of sophisticated environmental control systems, the data center maintains a constant temperature that does not fluctuate more than 3°F above or below an optimal target room temperature of 68-72°F and a humidity level not to exceed 55%.

Fire Suppression

In just a few minutes, heat and smoke can seriously damage computing equipment. The data center fire suppression system not only prevents extensive fire damage, it virtually eliminates the potential for collateral damage to delicate equipment from the fire extinguishing agent. The smoke signature detection system constantly monitors the data center for specific events and can pinpoint a physical location for immediate attention before surrounding areas can be effected.