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I-Business Network's Cloud removes the complexity of ERP systems and offers further enhancement with built in tools for collaboration with employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. 

The I-BN Advantage:

Built for small to medium sized companies that need the next platform for growth, I-BN Cloud makes powerful business technology simple.  Since 1999 I-BN has served the companies know they need to get more from technology than a buzzword.  The I-BN cloud has grown and evolved to best meet customer needs at a predictable cost.

  • The Cloud has become the technology deployment model of the 21st Century
    • Built for SME's with ERP as the core
    • Designed to make users more productive
    • Built to connect with customers, suppliers, investors, employees
    • With security embedded at all levels
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Your Digital Core

Every company has an “official book of record” only now that book is digital and more than ever it is stored in the cloud.  Your business management software is the core of your business cloud.  Your system defines the structure of your information and your source for analytics.  Understanding both cloud computing, the underlying ERP technology and analysis tools is our core and key to execution and performance of your company in the cloud.

  • Turn data into insight by making it all in one place with tools to give you the info you need when you need it
    • Designed for specific ERP
    • Built to support core financials, distribution, light manufacturing and project based business
    • Strong analytics and reporting
    • Support for outsourced desktop and 3rd party products
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Productivity - Easy to Use

State of the art technology and powerful software only provide benefits when used.  Most small and medium sized companies are not technology experts and outsource to the cloud to avoid and eliminate complexity.  I-BN Cloud 3.0 delivers on the promise of cloud by designing with the user in mind.

  • Single sign on to all devices using a Microsoft Office 365 account, including local and cloud
  • Single security model for all users and groups
  • Access to all data on any device including Apple, Linux, or Android!
  • Password self service
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There is no such thing as “True Cloud” because people do not live and work in the cloud.  You need to connect the cloud to your office, mobile devices, customers, suppliers and other partners in a secure, reliable and efficient manner.

  • Cloud to premise integrations, such as bar code scanners, and scales
  • Advanced printing to print to any location that can connect to the cloud
  • eCommerce and omnichannel integrations to increase sales
  • Connect to parent companies, suppliers, and customers
  • Integrated credit card processing, shipping and other services
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 As a small business owner or a midsized business manager you already have enough on your plate to have to deal with cyber security issues. In the I-BN Cloud you get industry leading tools, techniques and education for your team to company the ever increasing threats from cyber criminals.

  • Premiere Security with Netscaler, Firewalls, and Software Defined Networking
  • Anti-Virus, Malware, Intrusion Detection
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Education
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