Industrial Distribution

SAP Business One tools include:

SAP Business One is designed to be a complete industrial distribution business solution with comprehensive tools to manage capital, maximize inventory, and have a positive impact on your relationship with your customers. SAP Business One is created to help you tackle each of these tasks for the small and midsize distribution business. Powerful distribution tools combined with an all in one business management system helps you take control of your capital, meet customer's needs, and manage one of your most valuable assets - your inventory.

SAP Business One tools include:

  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Inventory Planning
  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Finance
  • Easy-to-use Reporting Tools

The Benefits to Your Business

  • Reduce the carrying value of your inventory and increase your turnover to pull cash out of your warehouse.    
  • Inventory planner helps to avoid emergency orders and stock outs
  • Improve customer satisfaction with built in customer service tools
  • Predictive analytics for buyer behavior and trending purchases
  • Built in credit and collection tools so you get paid faster

    With I-BN Business One Cloud and our Start & Grow rapid deployment program you can be trained, up and running in a few weeks to achieve a quick return on your investment.

    Order to Cash

    SAP B1 allows you to establish contract pricing, easily view customer history, and duplicate orders. These functions allow you to work quickly and effectively to fulfill customer orders and provide superior service with automated activities throughout the sales cycle. Perpetual inventory tools allow you to manage multiple warehouses, multiple bins, and track inventory rotation.

    Integrated Shipping

    Integrate your shipping process with FedEx or UPS with automatic weight, measure and tracking number for your shipments. The process automatically creates your customer invoice at the end of the shipping process allowing you to finalize your shipping cycle with your customer.


    SAP B1 has a built-in CRM system allowing you to track not only leads, but customers as well. Create activities around customer actions such as collection reminder and estimated time to reorder. Enter notes on clients and leads allowing you to have more in-depth knowledge of their current and potential needs.

    Service & Repair

    Proactive customer service and repair functions include lot and batch number tracking, warranty tracking, and the creation of equipment cards. Equipment cards will help you to detail all of the warranty coverage associated with a product. Setting up proactive triggers for the service agreement associated with the serial number and warranty let you get ahead of your customers’ needs. Have a direct impact on your ability to retain your clients and fend off the competition.