Mobile Solutions

Go Everywhere, Work Anywhere

Cloud-hosted services have seen increased popularity due to wide access to mobile devices. This has not only made them the preferred method of interacting with the Internet, they have also evolved into everyday worktools.

Mobile Solutions  

I-BN’s Mobile Solutions are designed to cover a wide variety of needs within the mobile business environment.

Business technology is going in the direction of mobile workforces. Employees today often work from a variety of locations, using both corporate and personal devices in tandem. Companies now need to provide their workforce with access to business management systems, CRM, and other work apps.

Through our powerful Data Center, I-BN hosts secure and stable cloud access to these systems from almost any modern smart device and operating system. With both connected and disconnected mobile solutions, your workforce can stay active and productive no matter where they are.


We offer this solution standalone or fully integrated into your business management software.


Secure Mobility

I-BN offers you better security than the average retail solution. File storage and sharing through Citrix Sharefile lets you keep your most important information secure in the I-BN Data Center.. Simple plug-ins for Outlook and Windows Explorer make access and use simple, yet highly secure.

Additionally, I-BN can securely host your mail services through Azure’s Microsoft 365 platform. We offer this solution standalone, or fully integrated into your business management software. I-BN will do the migration for you quickly, and efficiently.