Mobile Solutions

The use of Mobile devices has surpassed traditional computers and laptops when it comes to gathering and accessing information. I-Business Network provides mobility in a variety of ways to meet your unique requirements.

Mobile Solutions for All Applications

Today's employees are working from a variety of locations, using a mix of personal and corporate devices. Through the I-BN data center you can provide access to any hosted application to any employee on most any device in a secure manner. Utilizing the cloud "Receiver" your applications can be streamed to laptops, tablets or smartphones running on virtually any operating system.

Mobile Solutions for ERP

Your staff needs access to your business management software from anywhere and they want it on their familiar mobile devices. Mobile solutions come in both connected and disconnected modes via applications installed on your Apple iPhone or iPad. These applications utilize and enforce the security rules inherent in your ERP software. In addition, many of our applications include access to historical data, special pricing and other advanced functions to make your employees productive from the trade show floor, customer offices or the beach. 

Cloud Collaboration

If all you need is access to your files in the cloud, but want more security than offered in retail solutions, then I-BN is the partner for you. By utilizing Citrix ShareFile technology you can have secure cloud storage in the I-BN Data Center utilizing the same repository as your business management software. With plug-ins for Outlook, Windows Explorer and your mobile devices, your files are safe and securely accessed from the road.

Hosted Exchange

I-BN offers hosted mail services through the Azure based Microsoft Office 365 platform. The mail service can be stand alone or integrated with your ERP, CRM or other hosted software. I-BN has the experience, migration tools and procedures to move your mail, calendaring and shared folders to the cloud quickly and efficiently.