Partner with I-BN

Let's Grow Together


I-Business Network takes pride in its partnerships. Our mission of aggregating and integrating business management to improve productivity and effectiveness is rooted in its collaborations with partners. We partner with leading technology firms, service providers, and software companies to create a network that makes each partner stronger.

Partner Program Benefits:

Customizable cloud solutions for your customers

An expanded ability to offer services through a network of partners

Additional industry expertise to call on for clients


Packaged solutions

Additional short-term staffing

Pre-sales support team

Dedicated marketing team

A program designed with the partner in mind



Comprehensive Partner Program

The I-BN Partner program has no fees and allows you to provide all products and services you're certified/trained to provide at margins equivalent to a fully certified partner.

Expand Target Customer Base

Partnering with I-BN provides multiple opportunities to expand your customer base:

  • Offer a wider range of products and services through our partnerships with leading technology companies
  • Access wider geographical coverage with application defined clouds
  • Utilize or create industry-specific cloud solutions

The Partner Program also gives your business increased referral opportunities.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Through a culture of sharing and learning, you can more readily meet customer needs and expectations. Leverage our Start and Grow products, which allow rapid deployment and quick implementation.