More Than Just Accounting


SAGE 100 brings accuracy to your financial processes

In today’s fast-moving, technology-driven economy, small-to-medium businesses need every competitive advantage they can get.

So, what has your accounting software been doing for you lately? Probably not a whole lot.

SAGE 100 is more than a simple accounting solution. It brings together your entire business, allowing you to manage finances and inventory in conjunction with distribution and sales. This makes it an ideal option for companies like distribution centers and industry suppliers. SAGE 100 allows better coordination between departments and eye-opening business insight capabilities.

First and foremost, SAGE 100 boosts your financial management capacity, allowing you to systematize invoicing and bill collection. This lets you eliminate dependency error-prone spreadsheets, and therefore have budget more accurately. SAGE 100 also boosts inventory management and forecasting ability. It gives you the power to track stock and distribution real-time and automate purchases and orders in sync with inventory movement.

Contact us to find out if SAGE 100 is the right solution for your financial management needs.


SAGE 100 brings accuracy to your financial processes and allows your business’ departments to communicate way more efficiently with each other. Integration, innovation, and overall improvement. .

Additionally, with expert guidance and support from I-BN, deployment is stress-free and customized to your precise business needs. Contact us to find out if SAGE 100 is the right solution for your financial management needs.  


Superior Customer Service

Hosting every version of Sage 100 since 1999 we have extensive experience with the application and often resolve problems before our customers even know they exist!  Our service technicians are trained in both cloud and Sage 100 and our membership in 90Minds provides us access to leading technical experts in the industry.

We tailor each Sage 100 environment to the unique needs of the customer and can modify your environment as your needs change.  I-BN requires no long term contract, no long term commitments and allows you to add or remove resources or users on a month to month basis.