sage 100cloud Data Center

Security, Performance, and Reliability

Welcome to I-BN sage 100 Cloud

Sage 100 customers in the distribution or manufacturing market that find it essential to utilize more advanced methods of an ERP system to manage their financial resources.  For these customers the cloud is the natural progression for advancing the technology to make their ERP more efficient.

Supported by a team including Sage 100 Certified Consultants, we designed application specific security, folder maintenance scripts and other Sage 100 hosting specific features into our standard offering.

I-BN has been the leader in Sage 100 hosting since 1999 when it became the first partner authorized to host Sage 100 (known then as MAS 90).  I-BN has specifically designed its cloud infrastructure for hosting Sage 100 and continuously improves and upgrades the underlying equipment, processes and procedures for securely delivering software as a service over the internet. 


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Fully Redundant Connectivity

The data center Internet network is engineered to provide redundancy to our servers through dual Ethernet connections running over a fiber infrastructure to multiple, geographically diverse peering points. With ample connectivity that can scale to OC-n and burstable bandwidth, we can accommodate your every contingency. Everything is powered by an environmentally-friendly power supply system!

Security and Stability

The performance of our Data Center is ensured by a sophisticated environmental-control system that keeps temperature and humidity at ideal levels. This guarantees performance and minimizes risk of failure.

Additionally, our power supply is backed up by a CPS flywheel system and diesel powered generators that can keep the facility running for up to twelve days!

The Data Center is also protected by state-of-the-art fire suppression system. It is guaranteed to not only prevent extensive damage, but also eliminate any possible collateral damage from fire-extinguishing agents. The fire-suppression system is also designed to constantly monitor the Data Center and can pinpoint a possible issue with precision, ensuring immediate action.