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Helping Your Business Cope with the Global Pandemic


Remote Access to Your Sage Software

Office2Home is a business continuity offering for companies who need short term package for remote access to their Sage Software on-premise systems in the cloud due to the current global pandemic.  Sage Office2Home is a fixed fee cloud environment through July 31 for Sage 100 Standard or Advanced editions and BusinessWorks Gold customers.

This deeply discounted service package includes:

  • One or more dedicated virtual servers based upon the number of users;
  • All required Microsoft server based licensing including Windows Server, Remote Desktop and Excel;
  • All required infrastructure licenses for backup, anti-virus, etc;
  • Centrally managed firewall and proxy services, anti-virus updates, and monitoring;
  • Unlimited infrastructure support.
  • Sage Software installation and base testing;
  • Data migration assistance;
  • User setup and assistance.

Sage 100cloud Premium edition, Sage 300, Sage 500 or other SQL server database products can also be migrated to our cloud on a temporary basis!


One Price through July 31

To make the process as quick and easy as possible, we are providing a tiered pricing for the complete service from contracting through June 30.  NO LONG TERM COMMITMENT is required.  These prices represent a 30-55% discount and allows for flexible user changes during the period.

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This service supports ProvideX based master developer extensions and add-ons, use of Crystal Designer, Visual Integrator module and external integrations. Standard Sage Business Connected services such as payroll, Paya, Sage Inventory Advisor, and other similar integrations are included with the service.

Additional external integrations are available but may require additional fees depending upon the complexity of installation and firewall rules required as well as bandwidth requirements. If additional extensions, customization, or third party applications requiring additional memory are implemented, additional fees may apply.

For Sage 100cloud Premium edition, Sage 300, or Sage 500 please contact us via form, via e-mail at, or call 678-627-0646 x230 for pricing.

Speed and Reliability

I-BN has been hosting Sage software since 1999 so we know the software and our enterprise level technology ensures both speed and reliability.

  • Citrix technology on top of Microsoft Remote Desktop provides more reliable service with lower latency.  By using lower bandwidth and saving screens that are used frequently Citrix enhances performance.
  • The Citrix communication protocol includes encryption to make it VPN like with better performance than to a VPN in your office.
  • Our world class data center provides burstable bandwidth, so internet traffic is not a problem at our facility.

Our server templates will allow us to get your system up and running within our Service Level Agreement of 72 hours and often faster when working with your business partner.

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