SAP Business One

Easy, Accessible, and Powerful


SAP Business One is a game-changer.

Every business must adapt and transform as it grows and faces increased demand, increased workloads, and organizational expansion. As new challenges arise, changes and solutions must be implemented in ways that don't drastically alter or stress your business's functionality and operation.



A Highly Adaptable Solution


SAP Business One is the ideal management software for today's growing small-to-midsized business. It's intuitive, highly adaptable, and rapidly deployed. With detailed reports and versatile analytics, SAP Business One gives management a clear, comprehensive view of the entire company's performance. Your expanding business can be fine-tuned to greater productivity and increased efficiency. SAP Business One lets you cover every aspect of your business, including sales, accounting, operations, purchasing, finances, and customer interactions.

Here at I-BN, we’re experts at implementing SAP Business One into expanding businesses. We deliver customized hybrid cloud environments that integrate seamlessly with the applications and on-premise infrastructure your company may already have. Our focus is on understanding our clients’ businesses and designing flexible, adaptable, and highly personalized business software platforms. Beyond delivering a product, I-BN provides the training, hosting, service, and maintenance for our platforms.


Fully Trained

image37By placing your trust in I-BN, your business management software environment will be up and running, with your team fully trained in its use, in as few as 4 weeks. As an SAP Gold Partner, I-BN works closely with its clients, ensuring that transitioning to the new system is comfortable and understandable for every user. I-BN gives you more than the system: we give you the power to use it to its maximum advantage for your company.