SAP Business One Cloud

All Of The Benefits, None Of The Burden

SAP Business One Cloud is designed for small-to-medium businesses striving for growth. The Cloud allows companies to shift time, money, and effort away from IT maintenance and towards their core business activities.

SAP Business One Cloud, together with your specific business knowledge enables rapid growth and adaptation to emerging needs and opportunities in real time.All of this, without the need to increase physical server capabilities or invest in additional equipment.

SAP Business One Cloud includes and does everything its on premise counterpart does and more! Cloud deployment also has a lower start-up cost and can run on nearly any modern device with an internet connection. With fluid deployment and easy accessibility, SAP Business One Cloud brings a true business advantage to your company. It’s a flexible and easy-to-use platform that allows real-time information exchange and a wide-clear view of your business’ operations.


I-BN focuses on studying its client's needs and delivering innovative, tailored solutions, giving you:

  • Accelerated time to value– Convenient software-as-a-service (SaaS) brings you on-board swiftly and efficiently
  • Straightforward cost structure– Single payment for software, service, and support
  • Fast and customizable deployment– Rapid deployment, and specialized needs covered with industry-specific extensions
  • Automatic updates and maintenance– Hassle-free setup allows you to stay current with the latest technology, effortlessly.
  • Iron-clad security– Data is protected in our highly-secure data center

Contact I-BN today to find the right fit for your new business management platform!


By choosing the Cloud, you give your business the capacity to adapt to changes and maximize opportunities within your competitive landscape; expand your sales, increase efficiency, and stay up-to-date, always. Everything happens faster in the cloud and its advantages will boost your company’s chances for success in today’s business world.

 SAP Business One Cloud is offered in the following editions:

  • Standard - All the core SAP Business One functionality, plus Microsoft Excel. Perfect for small businesses that need a quick, powerful solution.
  • Premium Distribution - Packed with industry-specific configurations and enhancements for those businesses that focus on distribution, kitting and assembly, as well as field service.
  • Custom - fully-dedicated, nipped-and-tucked to fit your company’s unique requirements. Integrate almost any software and application you currently run on-premise or on other clouds, as well as custom development services.