SAP Hana

Get it all and get it fast. 

Being proactive in today’s competitive market is sometimes easier said than done!

SAP develops and improves HANA database technology so that businesses can use their data to their advantage and get ahead of the planning curve.

HANA is an innovation tool designed to manage high data volume at high speed, provide data for complex analysis, and allow you the ability to work with anyone, from anywhere in a simplified platform.

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HANA can immediately impact the way you do business on a daily basis. HANA lets you control and plan your workflow and eliminate a reactive business model. You use embedded analytics to help you predict your sales and inventory volume and plan the steps needed to support it.

Get it all and get it fast. HANA’s in-memory computing means that it can organize massive amounts of data and return it to you in real-time so that you can plan and prioritize the next steps using this information.

By placing your trust in I-BN, your business management software environment will be up and running, with your team fully-trained to use it, in as little as 4 weeks. As an SAP Gold Partner, I-BN works closely with its clients, ensuring that transition into the new system is comfortable and comprehensible for every person that will be using it. I-BN not only gives you the system, we give you the power to use it to its maximum advantage for your company.