SAP Cloud Data Center

Security, Performance, and Reliability

Welcome to I-BN SAP Cloud 3.0

The speed of business is getting faster all the time and you need powerful business technology that is easy to use.  As the digital core of your company you want SAP Business One Cloud to interact with all of your people and store or connect with all of your data. Today’s business needs more than just ERP, it needs a productivity platform which includes all the tools necessary for collaboration. 

Connected cloud storage for your attachments, contracts, forms and shared documents complete with integrated security on any device anywhere and with Office 365 and your local Explorer and Outlook clients.  Version control and GDPR compliance makes sharing documents easier than ever.  Fully integrated PCI Level III and TLS 1.2 credit card processing streamlines collection of funds, ensures secure transaction processing and gets you the lowest rates possible 


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HANA Tailored NEC InfrastructureSAPCertHost

As an ERP hosting company since 1999, we recognize that performance is based upon deep knowledge and expertise in how the software works.  I-BN Cloud 3.0 was designed specifially to provide security, stability and performance for SAP Business One powered by Microsoft SQL Server and the transformative SAP HANA in memory computing platform.  I-BN and NEC designed and obtained SAP Certifications specifically for SAP Business One Cloud.

Security is core to our offering and for SAP this is enhanced through our partnership with Iron Mountain Data Centers and micro-segmentation of our cloud environment.  Irom Mountain facilities provide physical security and our multi-layered firewall, proxy service, and active directory design provide protection of your assets.   With full integration with Office 365 and Azure AD, your team can have a single sign on in the cloud, on their laptop or with any device anywhere.

  • Architected for 99.99% uptime with a comprehensive service level agreement and proactive maintenance procedures
  • Built and maintained to be secure against the latest cyber security threats with micro-segmentation, intrusion detection, anti-virus and anti-malware, backup and replication are all built into this platform which scores an A+ at SSL Labs.  

Security and Stability in the Iron Mountain

The performance of our Data Center is ensured by a sophisticated environmental-control system that keeps temperature and humidity at ideal levels. This guarantees performance and minimizes risk of failure.  Additionally, our power supply is backed up by a CPS flywheel system and diesel powered generators that can keep the facility running for up to twelve days!

The data center Internet network is engineered to provide redundancy to our servers through dual Ethernet connections running over a fiber infrastructure to multiple, geographically diverse peering points. With ample connectivity that can scale to OC-n and burstable bandwidth, we can accommodate your every contingency. Everything is powered by an environmentally-friendly power supply system!

The Data Center is also protected by state-of-the-art fire suppression system. It is guaranteed to not only prevent extensive damage, but also eliminate any possible collateral damage from fire-extinguishing agents. The fire-suppression system is also designed to constantly monitor the Data Center and can pinpoint a possible issue with precision, ensuring immediate action.