SAP Start and Grow 

Packaged Services to Fuel Your Growth


SAP Start and Grow Packages Provide Superior Return On Investment

Start-up and fast-growing companies need a competitive advantage against their larger and more established competitors. Focusing your efforts on your core business is essential to maximizing your growth. Partnering with SAP provides the platform with flexibility to react quickly, see your business from all 360°, and make decisions based on comprehensive, real-time information.

The SAP Business One Cloud Start and Grow program is a partially preconfigured implementation of SAP Business One for small businesses and allows for:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Low up-front costs
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your ERP system

The Start Package includes:

  • 1-5 SAP Business One Starter Pack user licenses
  • Quick Start database
  • Unlimited online computer-based training
  • Quick Start rapid implementation package
  • Unlimited access to the SAP support systems and user forums
  • Periodic expert session webinars
  • "How-to" guides and system documentation

Hosted in our world-class data center, SAP Business One Cloud is available online 24x7 for a fixed monthly cost. Our software as a service package includes all server-based licensing for SAP Business One and your user applications in our environment.

The combination of the ASAP implementation methodology and the pre-installed quick start services package reduces cost and delivers service in a fraction of the time of a traditional on-premise deployment. The quick start database includes standard industry charts of accounts with business rules defined for automated general ledger posting.

The Start Package is specifically designed for companies outgrowing entry-level software that need a rapid deployment for a small number of users. Scroll down for information on the complete Start Service!




Start Service Package

When competition zigs, the cloud helps you zag. Use the SAP Business One Cloud to get the versatility to react quickly to changes in business and competition. With centralized business software, you're free from legacy systems that prevent you from connecting new business solutions and processes.

In today's competitive climate, small and midsize distribution businesses need every advantage they can get. Choosing Start & GrowSM, built on SAP Business One, enables you to start small but think big with a low entry point, fast implementation, and the versatility to grow and have your software grow with you!

The “Start Package” – often called “Phase 1” – is a rapid implementation using a quick start database and defined scope. The goal of “Start” is to get the system up and running quickly at a lower cost than a traditional implementation. 

Start includes:

  • A preconfigured database
  • Coaching sessions to teach you the software
  • Training in the tools to migrate your company-specific information to the cloud

Advanced Start Plus packages utilize the same methodology for advanced features, including:

  • Material requirements planning
  • Landed costs
  • Advanced warehouse management

… and much more.



The power of SAP Business One is the ability to expand and tailor the platform to fuel your growth.  The Grow phase is the continuous improvement activities broken into packages that add value. 

We help you “Grow” in two ways:

1. Plus packages – Prepackaged functionality to meet specific business needs with quick configuration like our “Start” program. Additional packages include:

  • EDI
  • Integrated eCommerce websites

2. Grow services – Features and functions added to meet your unique business requirements. These services are typically offered on a consultative basis and include:

  • Custom integrations
  • Specialized industry features
  • Unique configurations to meet specific business requirements