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SAP Business One gives you fast and easy access to all corporate information, complete reports, and useful documents for all business processes - and everything is in real-time. SAP Business One covers all divisions in the enterprise including sales, operations, accounting, purchasing and administration to bank transactions.

SAP Business One works as a central ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. With web portals, mobile solutions and the ability to integrate with any third party application, Business One can improve the efficiency of your operations.

Most important, SAP Business One is powerful. Its sophisticated analysis tools give management full control of company information and activities.

Informational Videos

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Designed With Small Businesses In Mind

As a growing business in a competitive market, you need business software that will help you pursue new opportunities and maintain a competitive advantage in your industry. At the same time you need a solution that is sized to your busienss now and can support your company's growth into the future. SAP Business One was designed with small business in mind. This video provides a general overview of the software and how it can benefit your business.

SAP Starter Pack

SAP Starter Pack Licenses and the SAP Start & Grow program provides small businesses who are outgrowing QuickBooks and Peachtree or startup organizations that anticipate rapid growth, to afford the flexibility and power of the SAP Business One application. Learn more about the SAP Business One Starter Pack and Cockpit and Mobility solutions in this video.

Sales Order Processing

SAP Business One provides flexible and powerful processing of customer orders. This video demonstrates entry of a quote, converting it to a sales order and generation of supporting documents. Customize your entry screen with clicks, drag and drop. See availability of stock, gross profit and other attributes of the order in real time. Only a fraction of the flexibility and depth of information is shown in this short video.

Management By Exception

SAP Business One Alert functionality provides notification of important events such as invoices in excess of $10,000 become 60 days past-due, or inventory levels fall below a certain threshold. Business One's "Management By Exception" tools allow small business owners to focus on important events instead of searching spreadsheets and reports for information.

Approvals and Workflow

SAP Business One's Approval and Alert functionality is unmatched in mid-market ERP. Because the product was designed with a One System Philosophy“, you can run your entire business on a single system. Your employees in departments across different functions such as sales, finance, operations, can all work together like a single team. A single system like Business One makes it possible to automate your business processes end-to-end.

The video above outlines one of the embedded workflow functions available in Business One.

Drag and Relate Reporting

SAP Business One's patented Drag & Relate reporting is the new standard in intuitive data gathering. Drag & Relate eliminates the need for programming to find the information you need from your business management software.

The video to the left demonstrates the power of Drag & Relate reporting available in Business One.

SAP ARIBA Integration with SAP Business One

SAP ARIBA is a cloud-based B2B marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other and do business within a single, networked platform. With the power of the Ariba Network integrated into SAP Business One, this video demonstrates a simple order to invoice process between the Ariba Network and SAP Business One.